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Govpages 2011 edition is on its way!

It is almost that time again. We are getting ready to print the new edition of GOVPAGES.  And here are some new developments. We are limiting the number of hard copies and producing more CD-ROMs in order to comply with the government’s requests for a more environmentally friendly product. After holding a Greening Government Conference it is only right to reduce our ecological footprint as well.

We will also be highlighting suppliers in GOVPAGES who have been third-party certified.  You can find these suppliers in the index pages of the new edition. If you are a supplier and would like to be recognized for your sustainable efforts feel free to contact us by email: or call 416-241-4000 ext.228.

We are also developing Govpreferences, a system where government users will be able to get the latest information relevant to their field of work and personal interests simply by logging in to their Govpreferences profile. Information will include events, articles, white papers, news and media releases all relevant to their work and interests.

We are now accepting advertising contracts for the next edition, to be produced solely on the CD-ROM.  For the 2011 Media Kit click here.

Thanks! And stay tuned for the 2011 edition and our new Govpreferences system.