About NCM

Since 1990 NCM is the number one source for Canadian Government Contacts. Over the last 20 years NCM has built a strong relationship with all levels of government. NCM has been given special license agreements to provide employee contact information to the business community. We pride ourselves in providing the most detailed and accurate employee contact information on the market. Our in-house data verification team are constantly updating our government databases.

NCM List Services Division is the owner of the largest Canadian Government file of 321,356 employee records. It is also our objective to become the largest provider of US Government names. We currently have 579,785 US Government and 702,883 US Postal employee records.

NCM GOVPAGES Division: GOVPAGES government supplier directory is a national bilingual directory composing of over 50, 000 registered government supplier information profiles.  The directory is supported by Provincial and Territorial Premiers across the Country. The hardcopy and CD-ROM editions are distributed to over 15,000 senior government officials across Canada within all levels of the government i.e. Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal. The online edition of GOVPAGES.CA is accessible to all government employees.



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