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Unusually warm winter

It’s no secret that we have had a pleasant winter thus far.  Yes there were a few days when we complained about having to leave the house because the temperature dropped to nearly -20. But in all fairness, that is nothing compared to what we experienced in the past in Canada. Perhaps it’s been a little wet, but most of us did not have to get out our Columbia jackets and ushankas on our way to work this winter.

The same can be said for the temperatures in the Arctic. Scientists reported unusually high temperatures in the Arctic averaging 10-15 degrees F (Arctic Kingdom January 14th, 2010 media release).  Although the unsuspectingly warm winter is attributed to natural variability and not by rising levels of greenhouse gases, the pattern could affect Arctic ice which in turn may impact global warming (Arctic Kingdom). For the full story go to

The good news is that the high temperatures are not solely the result of increasing greenhouse gases, so we must  be putting in an effort to cut carbon emissions. It will be interesting to see what national  environmental plans and goals 2010 will bring.