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Greening Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner. And it’s one time of the year that extravagant consumption is encouraged without having to feel guilty because you are giving and spending time with family. It is also one time of the year that you do not have to think about the environment because it is a tradition to decorate your home with pine trees, send out greeting cards, and wrap dozens of presents with pretty and not so eco-friendly wrapping paper.

Well maybe it’s time to slightly improve the traditional ways that may create tons of waste during the holiday season. Christmas is a time of year to relax and give to loved ones, but it is also a time of year to be thankful to our planet and give back a little to the environment. How proud we would feel giving an amazing gift in an amazing recyclable wrapping paper. Why not send an electronic cards to computer savvy users. Or crafty made out of old clothing material, beads and buttons greetings for the grandparents and those used to traditional ways. How about using eco-efficient led lights for your home decorations, or simply lighting up old-fashioned candles to set the mood for a relaxing and enjoyable time. There are tons of ways we could help- or at least not damage the earth further- this holiday season. Just choose one or two ways and see how much brighter your holiday season can get.

Any more creative ideas on how to go green this Christmas? Please reply and let us know!

What are you doing?

We would love to know what you are doing to help the environment. We have created an Eco-efficiency survey that will allow you to evaluate your current practices and show us and the governments that you are considering the environment in your future business development. We encourage everyone to participate in the survey, for your own benefit if anything.

Click HERE to go to survey

Speaking of Climate Change…

…and taking action, the Copenhagen Summit that just took place in Denmark focused on cut in greenhouse gas emissions. There was some disagreement between the developed and developing world, but all in all focus on emission cuts and saving the planet overcame any other minor discrepancies. The summit started with a very interesting plea from the children, which can be seen at And since Kyoto expires in 2012, leaders recognize the need for an additional agreement.

Our Green Government

So what is Canadian Government doing to aid in sustainable development and reduce environmentally exhausting resources? Well here is one thing: The Policy on  Green Procurement.

Recognizing their purchasing power, the Canadian government also recognizes its ability to have a positive impact on the market economy and its purchasing decision.Trhough the policy, the government can demonstrate real leadership and encourage corporations to engage in greening practices.   If you don’t already know about the Policy of  Green Procurement or Government-wide Green Procurement training Campusdirect, not to worry, you can click Green Procurement and find out more.

Green Initiatives

Good morning!

Today we will be talking about Canada’s eco-efficiency. What can businesses do to reduce their environmental footprint? What can the government do? What are you doing personally?

I’ll tell you what NCM is doing!

We are limiting the number of hardcopy edition of GOVPAGES and providing the directory in CD-ROM format as well as an on-line database that can be navigated by registered users.  The hard copies that are  being produced are printed on recycled paper approved by the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada (FSC) and printed using vegetable-based ink.

We are gradually transitioning to paperless product, thus we encourage users to sing up for the on-line database, where they can see recognize environmentally friendly businesses through an eco-efficiency icon.

Any other suggestions for us?