Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog and read our latest projects and company news!

Now the first step: Get familiar with our company and products. Read up on NCM in the About us section.

And a little bit about our people and values, so you know what we’re all about:

NCM employees strive to provide strategic marketing solutions that go well beyond our clients’ expectations. Our experienced staff will work hard to help you achieve your marketing objectives. We believe that integrity in all business relationships is the cornerstone of success. Therefore, all communications and interactions with businesses, co-workers and customers will be honest and ethical, regardless of cost or consequences

The last, but definitely not the least important: Our products

NCM List Service Division Products: Government Mailing Lists, Business Mailing Lists (click on product to find out more)

NCM GOVPAGES: government supplier directory: a hard copy and CD-ROM bilingual directory of over 50,000 registered government suppliers. It has been designed using direct input from various types of government users. Using government sole sourcing guidelines each product and service classification has a minimum of three vendors listed. As an added value service to government NCM is researching and highlighting companies who have current standing offers and agreements.  Furthermore, NCM is implementing an eco-efficiency icon, which will classify companies that are working towards reducing their environmental footprint.

Front Cover of our GOVPAGES directory

Need to read a little more? Visit our corporate website  www.govpages.ca

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