3rd Annual Greening Government Conference is approaching quickly!

Our 3rd Annual Greening Government Conference is approaching quickly, just over a month away.  Have you registered yet?!  If not be sure to soon as spots are going fast.  We’ve also got some great new speakers such as Jim Hoggan, Chair at the David Suzuki Foundation, Gordon Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Toby Heaps, President and Founder of Corporate Knights and many more!  To stay up-to-date on Greening Government Conference news you can follow us on Twitter @NCMGOVEVENTS.

3rd Annual Greening Government Conference & Tradeshow taking place October 16-17, 2012 at the St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre Tornto

We are very pleased with the delegate feedback from our past events and after carefully reviewing the responses we have worked diligently on putting together another faculty of keynote speakers and topics that address the current challenges, goals and solutions of greening initiatives. Our goal is to provide a forum for all levels of government and suppliers from across Canada to discuss and exchange information on current and future internal greening initiatives. Please visit our website www.greeninggovernment.ca  to view video clips and testimonials of the previous conference.



Greening Government Ottawa Conference taking place November 29-30, 2011 at the National Arts Centre

After a succesful Greening Government conference that took place in June 2011 we have decided to a host an event in Ottawa.  This new program will include longer networking  breaks, interactive panel discussions and break out sessions.  Register before October 1st and save $200.00 off the regular conference  price.
Key topics to addressed include:
  • Updates on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy – Implementation and Targets
  • Green Procurement – Sustainable Return on Investment, Assessing Suppliers
  • Staff Engagement and Employee Behaviour – Best Practices for Implementing a Green Team including Motivation Techniques & Strategies
  • Behavioural Change Strategies – Using Technology and Social Marketing
  • Sustainable Building Design and Infrastructure
  • Green Fleet and Transportation Programs


For further information please vist the conferece website at www.greeninggovernment.ca or contact Conference Project Director Jennifer Monteverde at 416-241-4000 ext 267


Greening Government 2011 is only 2 weeks away

Our 2 nd annual Greening Government conference is quickly approaching. There is only 2 weeks left to register so secure your spot now. Go to www.greeninggovernment.ca/register.html to register!

We are also doing a live video webcast of the conference for those who have travel restrictions but would still like to participate.  You can view the speakers in real-time and ask any questions through our online chat function.  Register now to participate online! For more information call Jennifer Monteverde at 416-241-4000 ext.267.

Our agenda is nearly finalized and we have a great panel of speakers. Download the brochure here.

2nd annual Greening Government Conference – Toronto

The 2nd Greening Government Conference is just around the corner and our agenda is nearly full of great speakers. This year we will be discussing various topics including:

  • Federal Sustainable Development Strategy: Shrinking the Environmental Foot Print
  • Taking the Necessary Steps to Incorporate Environmental Practices into Green Procurement
  • Green Innovation and Technology
  • Action Plan and (Strategies) for Sustainability
  • Greening Initiatives and its Impact on Climate Change
  • Sustainable Building Design and Infrastructure (LEED and BOMA programs)
  • Assessment Tools for Embedding Sustainability
  • Staff Engagement and Employee Behaviour – Best Practices for Implementing a Green Team: Motivation Techniques and Strategies
  • Achieving Zero Waste in the Public and Private Sectors – Successfully Rolling Out a Program
  • Green Fleet and Transportation Programs

As there was demand to hear from the private sector last year, this year we will dedicate an hour to hearing about Sustainable Building Design and infrastructure from these great Eco leaders:

  • Diana Osler-Zortea
  • Teresa Hanna
    Executive Director
    Canada Green Building Council
  • Lesley Rogers
    Efficiency NB
    Vice President

For a full conference agenda, visit our website www.greeninggovernment.ca. And don’t miss your chance to register at the early bird rate and secure your place at the 2nd annual Greening Government Conference on May 31 and June 1.

For any suggestions or questions click here.


NCM Govpages and Govevents staff

Govpages 2011 edition is on its way!

It is almost that time again. We are getting ready to print the new edition of GOVPAGES.  And here are some new developments. We are limiting the number of hard copies and producing more CD-ROMs in order to comply with the government’s requests for a more environmentally friendly product. After holding a Greening Government Conference it is only right to reduce our ecological footprint as well.

We will also be highlighting suppliers in GOVPAGES who have been third-party certified.  You can find these suppliers in the index pages of the new edition. If you are a supplier and would like to be recognized for your sustainable efforts feel free to contact us by email: gorica.cajko@govpages.ca or call 416-241-4000 ext.228.

We are also developing Govpreferences, a system where government users will be able to get the latest information relevant to their field of work and personal interests simply by logging in to their Govpreferences profile. Information will include events, articles, white papers, news and media releases all relevant to their work and interests.

We are now accepting advertising contracts for the next edition, to be produced solely on the CD-ROM.  For the 2011 Media Kit click here.

Thanks! And stay tuned for the 2011 edition and our new Govpreferences system.

Greening Government

NCM GOVPAGES is holding its first Annual Greening Government Conference this June,  where government officials and green conscious suppliers from across Canada will have a chance to interact and share ideas on what can be done to reduce Canada’s ecological footprint on this world. If you have ideas, thoughts, or would simply like to learn,your attendance and comments are more than welcome.

For those in Building Design and Construction industry, James Young’s discussion about energy and water efficiency in building will be of particular interest.
And for all those wanting to earn by going green, Victor Fedeli’s session on benefits of Energy Conservation is a must attend.

There are many more high-profile speakers, including the Honourable Sterling Belliveau, John Whitehead, Neil Sentance, Jack Heath, and many more. For full conference agenda and speakers, go to: www.greeninggovernment.ca/agenda.html

We are encouraging everyone interested to participate and pass the word on to their colleagues. We also welcome discussion and feedback on this forum or on the LinkedIn Greening Government Group, just ask to join our network  :).

Considering that the Conference is on June 15th and 16th, right before the summer heat wave,  most of us here at NCM hope that someone will have a brilliant idea on how to stay cool this summer without wasting too much energy and natural resource.

Thank you, and hope to see you at the Conference!

New to the NCM Group: Public Infrastructure magazine

As we know, all too well, Canada’s infrastructure is in terrible shape. In February of 2009, The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnership interviewed Mr. Saeed Mirza, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics at McGill University.  In what Professor Mirza called a very serious problem, he noted that about 60% of all our municipal infrastructure is over 55 years old.  He also noted that about 30% of the entire infrastructure in Canada is more than 85 years old.

All levels of Governments, especially municipalities will need as much information as possible on the new products, services and systems available to repair and rebuild our aging infrastructure.  This is where Public Infrastructure magazine can help.

Starting with the May/June 2010 issue, Public Infrastructure will publish a bi-monthly magazine that will reach every Canadian municipality along with consulting engineers who focus on municipal infrastructure.

The first issue will feature editorial on; Building Science, Vertical Farms, Green Roofs, the benefits of sharing Geospatial Data and the future of  Public Private Partnerships,  to name a few.

For more information on Public Infrastructure magazine please contact Tom Monson, Publisher at; Email tom@govpages.ca or 416-241-4000 Ext. 223

And don’t forget to check out our first issue!!

Unusually warm winter

It’s no secret that we have had a pleasant winter thus far.  Yes there were a few days when we complained about having to leave the house because the temperature dropped to nearly -20. But in all fairness, that is nothing compared to what we experienced in the past in Canada. Perhaps it’s been a little wet, but most of us did not have to get out our Columbia jackets and ushankas on our way to work this winter.

The same can be said for the temperatures in the Arctic. Scientists reported unusually high temperatures in the Arctic averaging 10-15 degrees F (Arctic Kingdom January 14th, 2010 media release).  Although the unsuspectingly warm winter is attributed to natural variability and not by rising levels of greenhouse gases, the pattern could affect Arctic ice which in turn may impact global warming (Arctic Kingdom). For the full story go to http://arctickingdom.com/blog/2010/01/scientists-report-an-unusually-warm-arctic-winter/

The good news is that the high temperatures are not solely the result of increasing greenhouse gases, so we must  be putting in an effort to cut carbon emissions. It will be interesting to see what national  environmental plans and goals 2010 will bring.

Greening Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner. And it’s one time of the year that extravagant consumption is encouraged without having to feel guilty because you are giving and spending time with family. It is also one time of the year that you do not have to think about the environment because it is a tradition to decorate your home with pine trees, send out greeting cards, and wrap dozens of presents with pretty and not so eco-friendly wrapping paper.

Well maybe it’s time to slightly improve the traditional ways that may create tons of waste during the holiday season. Christmas is a time of year to relax and give to loved ones, but it is also a time of year to be thankful to our planet and give back a little to the environment. How proud we would feel giving an amazing gift in an amazing recyclable wrapping paper. Why not send an electronic cards to computer savvy users. Or crafty made out of old clothing material, beads and buttons greetings for the grandparents and those used to traditional ways. How about using eco-efficient led lights for your home decorations, or simply lighting up old-fashioned candles to set the mood for a relaxing and enjoyable time. There are tons of ways we could help- or at least not damage the earth further- this holiday season. Just choose one or two ways and see how much brighter your holiday season can get.

Any more creative ideas on how to go green this Christmas? Please reply and let us know!